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Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory

International Sales:

Contact: Amy Lee

Email: s6@smtfly.com

Skype: sales_27503
H/P: +86-13829839112

Turkey Contact Details:

Attn: Huseyin

Email: info@prosmt.com

H/P: +90 542 442 90 60

Poland Contact Details:

Attn: Lukasz 

Email: s2@dgwill.com


France Contact Details:

Attn: Eric

Email: s2@dgwill.com


USA Contact Details:

Attn: Henry

Email: s2@dgwill.com

H/P: +1 608 515 2099

Contact Us

Contact: Amy Lee

Phone: 86-13829839112

Tel: 86-755-33581320

Company: Dongguan Chuangwei Electronic Equipment Manufactory

Add: Building 2, Gang Hua Xing Industrial Park, Chongqing Road, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, China 518103

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