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  • PCB Nibbler, CWV-LT
PCB Nibbler, CWV-LT

PCB Nibbler, CWV-LT Features:

1.Upper blade and lower blade are made of special material and durable.

2.Minimize the shearing stress to avoid micro-cracks of the soldering joint.

3.It is applicable for complex structure of double-panel, with different thinkness of cutter can fit to different width of V-groove.

4.Easy and convinence to change the cutter .

5.Reliable operate and high efficinence for Pneumatically driven ,footswitch control.

6. Supporting PCB with four supporting pin to keep PCB lever to improve the quality of cutting and easy to move the supporting pin .

7. The thickness and the height for cutter can be custome made .
8.Easy to fetch and give for waste box.

PCB Nibbler, CWV-LT Specification:

Model CWV-LT
Operating pressure(bar) 4~6
Cylinder bore(mm) 80
Cylinder stroke 10
Cylinder Output(kgf) 181~272
Max cutting thickness(mm) 2.5
Max cutting width(mm) 8
Max Accessary height(mm) 25
Weight(kg) 5.7

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