PCB V-Cut Machine

  • CNC V-cut Machine, CWV-3A1200
CNC V-cut Machine, CWV-3A1200

CNC V-cut Machine, CWV-3A1200 Features:

1. According to PCB / MCPCB automatic V-CUT machine characteristics involving multiple disciplines, building PCB / MCPCB automatic V-CUT machine digital prototyping system that uses multidisciplinary joint design and simulation in the design stage of the product's features and performance for checking and testing, product performance to meet the design targets, resolve conflicts and interference between the various disciplines to achieve optimal coupling, which will greatly improve the product quality and system performance.

2. All of the base of the machine using the "Tarzan Qing" or "Jinan Qing" granite, and force the elimination of experience, strong rigidity, good stability.

3. X \ Y \ Z axis positioning drive using imported high-performance AC servo motor drive, to achieve a high-speed high-precision positioning and effectively increase productivity.

4. Precision Transmission and guiding system: imported precision linear guide and precision ball screw, high precision gear, location.

5. With dagger functions for complex PCB / MCPCB jump knife Processing

6. Available for high-precision machining for various sizes of V-groove board 0.4 ~ 3.2mm different thickness of boards

7. The first knife into the center of the nail PIN 4.5mm above the minimum reserve

8. The minimum diameter of a knife grinding 114MM, the highest tool life

9. Using WINDOWS Chinese operation interface, as data processing and item number management.

10. Suitable for single and double sided, multilayer, forming the front surface of the aluminum plate board use.

11. During V-CUT processing, with automatic gauge control, residual thickness detection function.

12. Japan's imports of high-speed spindle motor, V groove cut no edges, longer tool life

13. Use intelligent control systems, uninterrupted, stable operation, easy to difficult to fault repair.

14. Knives, knife deep graphical numerical control, high precision, easy to learn, easy to set up the whole.

15. Enter the information at the same time having AB, artificial steering, primary processing.

16. Available (optional) highly efficient dust collection system, which can be kept clean workshop environment.

CNC V-cut Machine, CWV-3A1200 Specification:





1900 × 2280 ×1585mm


Working Height




Power Supply

AC 220V,50/60HZ



Air Pressure


Working Platform




Blade spec

Outer Dia:φ120mm Inner Dia:φ25.4mm

Positioning Dowel


Min Distance between the first V score line & Pin hole


Blade thickness


V-groove Residual thickness accuracy


V-groove Pitch accuracy


V-groove Parallel precision


Blade Cutting Speed


Cutting Speed


Displace Speed

Max 70M/MIN

Dust Collector

2in plumbing 3.5KW

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