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  • PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS
PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS

PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS

  • Product description: PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS
PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS Features:
1) Depaneling PCB/FPC by means of punching dies, to avoid micro-cracks
caused by manual.
2) Die toolings is changeable
3) Easy set up of punching dies
4) Loading and unloading PCBs is convenient
5) Easy operation, has safe protection system
6) Air cylinder driven
PCB punching machine,CWPM   PCB punching machine,CWPM
PCB Punching Cutter Solutions,CWPS Specification:
Model:                                    CWPL
Area:                                       460×320
Power:                                     8
Size:                                         930×880×1230

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