PCB Separator

  • Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J
Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J

Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J

  • Product description: Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J
Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J Feature:
●Separates boards up to 3.5mm thick
●Shears boards safely with parts as close as 0.5mm to the
score line,including ceramic capacitors
●Operator foolproof! Panels cannot be inserted into the
knives except on the score line
●Pneumatically driven
●Handles high components up to70mm
●Bow waves that can occur with round knives are avoided
●Easy adjusting of distance between knives

PCB separator,CWVC-200JPCB separator,CWVC-200J
Pcb Depaneling Tool,CWVC-200J Specification:
Model:                                CWVC-200J
Cutting Length:                   200mm
Size:                                    450*200*460mm
Minimize thickness:            0.3-3.5mm
Machine Weight:                 90Kg

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