LED Depanelizer

  • PCB Depanelizer Machine PCB Router
PCB Depanelizer Machine PCB Router

PCB Depanelizer Machine PCB Router

  • Product description: PCB Depanelizer Machine

PCB Depanelizer Machine PCB Router

  • This PCB Separator adopt x,y,z servo motor and driving system and ball screw ,linear guide rail ,ensure machine run smooth and precisely.moving accuracy less than 0.05mm, routing accuracy less then 0.05mm.
  • Rotary double work station design makes continuous running ,greatly improve production efficiency .
  • Machine is equipped with high resolution CCD ,use direct teach programming method with cross cursor of CCD, very easy to operate , software can excute point ,line ,arc ,circle etc command to cut different shape of panelled board ,it has mark positioning function ,can automatically correct the coordinate offset when PCB position changed .
  • Industrial PC ,Windows system and full english self developed softeware makes programming and operating very easy
  • Euipped with quality ,air cooling long service life routing spindle .
  • External silence vaccum cleaner provide a clean and low noise work environment .
  • Milling cut can be used as 2 or 3 section , just set the parameter on sofeware , it has greatly prolonged milling cut' service life.
  • Equipped with anti static ionizing fan which can eliminate static and remove dust


Model CW-F01-S
Standard working area 320*320mm
Power 220V, 4.2KW
Manipulator Repeatability ±0.02mm
Resolution ±0.01mm
Board Positioning Dual workstation with nest fixture or pin fixture
Panel Location Located by tooling holes or edges of PCB
Loading Manual
Unloading Manual
Panel Size 320*320mm(standard)
Panel Thickness 0.5-3.5mm
Spindle motor KAVO Spindle
Tool Change Manual
Dust filtration system 3KW Vacuum Cleaner
Vision system High resolution CCD video camera
Programming Vision assisted point to point manual teaching
Editing Function Dry run vision assisted / test run mode
Machine weight 500kgs
Machine dimension 113*140*108cm


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