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PCB Connection Way Request Different Depaneling Machines

There are v-score lines and milling joints connection for all FR1, FR4, CEM1, CEM3, MCPCB, FPC panels covering all industries: LED Lighting, Mobile Phone, Automotive Electronics, Computer, Household Electrical Appliance, Power Supply, Wire and connector.

1. V-score lines panel solutions:

V-groove PCB depanelizer machines, such as our below models:
A.CWV-1M series: Manual PCB depanelizer
B.CWV-1A series: Automatic PCB depanelizer
C.CWV-330 series: Pneumatic PCB depanelizer
D.CWVC-5 series: Multi-blade PCB depanelizer

2. Milling joints connection panel solutions:

A.PCB Nibbler: CWV-LT
B.PCB Punching: CWPE, CWPL
C.PCB Routing: CW-F01, CW-F02
D.Laser PCB Separator:CWVC-5L CWVC-5S CWVC-6

No mater what kind of panels you have, we could offer you a good solution to meet your requirements!

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