PCB Punching Machine

  • Punching Machine,CWPL
Punching Machine,CWPL

Punching Machine,CWPL

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Model Number: CWPL ** punching machine
  • punching machine working area: 460*320 (mm)
  • punching machine size: 930*880*1230(mm)
  • Product description: Punching Machine,CWPL

Punching machine,CWPL:
1.high degree of automation,high efficiency,simple operation

2.can replace multiple mold for production and mold changing easily

3.apply to cut rigid pcb,flexible pcb(FPC),rigid-flexible pcb

Punching machine,CWPL specifications:

Model CWPL
Punch Contribute (T) 8
Working area (mm) 460*320
Size (mm) 930*880*1230
Weight (kg) 680

In addition:

Model CWPM
Punch Contribute (T) 8
Working area (mm) 330*220
Size (mm) 800x730x1230
Weight (kg) 580

Punching machine,CWPL features:
1.high degree of automation, simple operation and safety
2.can replace a variety of mold, and mold changing easily
3.the lower mold automatic in and out, easy to pick and place products, finished products can fall into the drawer
4.make internal stress generated by PCB cutting to minimize and avoid stress cracking of tin
5.punching cutting semi-finished PCB, FPC with high efficiency
6.mold and die can be made according to customer's request

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